Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

Andy Roddick has taught Brooklyn Decker well. WOOOOOO! Longhorns!

You know what I hate? Bars that have 4pm Happy Hours. You know what I hate even more? The people at 4 pm Happy Hours. "Hey, look at me! I have a lax job that provides me with enough disposable income to where I can do all my drinking in a social setting while the sun is still out." Fuck the lot of 'em. I swear I'm going to drive home with a bucket full of water balloons one of these Fridays. Especially this winter. I hope you get the flu, chuckleheads!

The was a long and drawn out way of saying that I've been really busy the past couple of Fridays, and have resorted to barfing something up at the end of the day. Today I'm being proactive. So let's get it on.

Jason Kidd likes the Talking Heads. This video appears on the jumbotron at the American Airlines Center during games.

I tried to embed this shit, but couldn't. Kevin Love and Wes Johnson discuss their failed handshake attempt, and what they are doing so that it never happens again.

And just a reminder, Film Drunk is the only website you need for movies.

I really don't have a reason to post this. Let's see. Sports blog... Ciara... hmmmmm OH! BRAVES HAT! See? it fits. Just watch the video already.

In the words of the Situation, Bristol Palin is a grenade.

I'm a little worried about some of your biceps. Feed the pythons, guys.

Ok. That was fun. Everybody get out there and be somebody this weekend. You've got a long week of eating and football. Yes.

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