Thursday, November 18, 2010


Just watch this video.

I know at GRH we appeal to a more adult and "sophisticated" crowd, howver I feel it's my duty to address the national crisis we're facing.

That crisis?

Four Loco.

As you see in the video college students are getting "inebriated" on this energetic alcoholic drink.

Sorry I cant be a wise ass anymore.

Really Assemblyman Ortiz?


YOU are telling me that your heart rate increases with caffeine?

YOU get drunk after drinking the equivalent of 8 beers?

Well shit, fuck me sideways and call me popcorn. I didn't know that.

I don't want to sound like a "back in my day guy", but back in my day we mixed red bull and vodka.

Hell, our dear readers in Tennessee can buy a handle of Everclear. For the UN-initiates that is PURE GRAIN ALCOHOL. you could also buy 5 billion Red Bulls. If you drank them, you would either die, have a really great night,* Or shoot a perfect shot with a BB gun through the hole of a dog ear cleanser.**

But go ahead and whine about your $3 dollar booze. Talk to me when they take T.W Samuels off the market.

**Actually occurred

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  1. The GRH drink of choice is the Ken Caminiti.

    Also, I forgot that it was dog ear cleanser. That makes it better.