Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

Man. It's been a while. Sorry to all of our followers who expected more productivity from us. Not really.

Anyway. It's been a time for family and togetherness.

Wooooo! Shirtless drinkin! Ok. Let's get bizzay.

So last night, Icehouse went and saw Love and Other Drugs. The movie a) is a late 90's period piece and b) features a lot of Anne Hathaway naked. Like, a whole lot. THIS IS NOT TO SAY THAT THIS MOVIE IS ACCEPTABLE TO SEE. The nudity was simply a ploy to make guys be all, "yeah, it was awesome, there was tits." No. The tits merely linked together one unfunny scene to the next. So yeah, go see Faster starring Dwayne Johnston.


First and foremost, the year in scandals. Taiwanese animation style.

Last night LeBron went all LEBRON JAMES on the Cavs. He knew he was going to have some animosity coming into the game, but he looks pretty surprised and butthurt from Mo Williams dissing him.

And now, here's a WHOLE LOT OF PUKE.

Downhill mountain biker Brian Lopes makes me want to shit my pants by flying down this course in Whistler, British Columbia.

Here's some super fun ski crashes, in honor of the opening of the season.

This is a new meme. It has immediately endeared itself to Lattimer and myself.

Charles Bronson kills hipsters. Bout fucking time.

So yeah. Fuck this week. Punch it in the face.

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  1. Man you guys really need to watch Guile theme music with The Patriot