Thursday, September 30, 2010

Once upon a time, in TranSaltLakevania...

Scene opens: Salt Lake City

Jerry Sloan: Good evening, Raja. Come in. Sit down.

You have come very highly regarded. After witnessing you in battle for many years, I am glad I can finally bring you to our side.

Raja Bell: And what side would that be sir?

Jerry Sloan: Why, the side of good in the eternal battle against supernatural evil.

/Lightning and thunder happen at the same time

You were one of many candidates. We have seen many great warriors in recent years. The one who calls himself the "Tru Warier" was not ideal. But you, you have the perfect pedigree.

Raja Bell: What do you mean?

Jerry Sloan: Come, my boy. Come.

/Both walk down torchlit hallway

You see, Raja, we have taken great interest in you for some time. We noticed your promise long ago. For example, your great victory against the Black Mamba.

Yes, we enjoyed this bitchslap very much, Raja. Very... guunhhh... much indeed. It is reasons such as this one that made us recognize your abilities on the field of battle. But... there is another component. It is not just the external forces of evil that we must combat. There are forces within our organization that are... not pure. We must harness their power for good, and temper their evil impulses. You saw what I accomplished with the clown team.

Raja Bell: Ummm... look, I gotta...

Jerry Sloan: Ssssh, my boy. There is plenty of time later for your frivolities. Now, you must understand WHY you are here! You were already adept at fighting the forces of evil. This came naturally for you. But not all battles are between good and evil. Black and white. Our lives are constantly shades of gray. GRAY! Like the Great Salt Lake you see all around us! So you took your warrior ways to the East. And there you fought under the tutelage of the evilest of evils.

Raja Bell: I don't think Coach Brown has been involved in very much evil since he dealt with Allen Iverson...

Jerry Sloan: Not him, my boy! You must look farther. Deep into the organization itself. One with wizardly qualities.

Raja Bell: You don't mean...

Jerry Sloan: I do! His so-called "Airness" himself!

/Lightning and thunder

So now you know, my boy! And now you know that you have it in you! You not only have the ability to fight the evil, but also harness evil potential for good! You can do it! You can help us succeed where Carlos Boozer failed!

Raja Bell: Whoa whoa whoa, Carlos Boozer's pretty good at just about everything.

Jerry Sloan: Aye, but he failed the most crucial of tests. He couldn't tame the Wererussian!

/Wererussian howls

Raja Bell: Oh hey, what's up Andrei? Yo, Coach Sloan is a trip, man... hey. Andrei. Andrei, you got a crazy look in your eyes. Andrei, don't make me do this!!!

To be continued...


  1. Hey, 1st time reading your site and I'm gripped so you better continue this or I'll... I'll... well I won't be very happy mmmkay?

  2. You're the boss, anonymous commenter!