Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

Hank and the guys are ready for the weekend.

YES. Last night's game was low-scoring, but I'm just still amped that we now get a full serving of football. YES!

Let's see if I can find a visual representation of how awesome I feel. Well, what do you know, I can!

And now my favorite part of Hard Knocks.
Oh man look at his face at the end. He's totally going to make some cheetos pay.

And so on that note... Awesome parts from football movies.

Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday has my favorite speech.

Remember the Titans had a bunch of sweet-ass parts. You know I gots some soul power.

Good god damn does this cornball movie get me.

In honor of Lattimer. A place at the table.

Finally, tacklin' fuel.

That was awesome. Ok y'all. Let's go eat a goddamn snack.

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  1. Let's not forget about the Glasgow Diamonds.!