Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Caption Contest! Homer Style!

Well, well, well. If it isn't a well-known sportscaster who happens to be ridiculously good-looking with the nation's best collegiate quarterbacker. Erin Andrews and Ryan Mallett? DO WE SMELL ROMANCE?

Could be. Sources indicate to GRH's Celebrity Gossip offices that she, feeling jilted by the braindead and drooling non-advances of another collegiate athlete and the coming out of another former flame, has sought comfort and has confided in the readily available, cannon-armed Mallet, who does not own, nor does he know how to operate, any sort of clandestine video recording device.

This week's caption contest is for these two newly-enthralled lovebirds, God bless them. Here's some starters for you!

    • Erin: "My what a handsome penis you have!"
    • Ryan: "I'd like to fling YOU around for a couple thousand yards."
    • Erin and Ryan, in unison, Key of C: "Do you remember the first time you fell in love? Me neither, not anymore..."
You know, it's not effiminate to cry, just a litle, when you see two good people getting together. Caption on.


  1. Ryan: Did you see me beat Georgia?

    Erin: Yeah, I sure did!

    Ryan: Impressed?

    Erin: Mmmm no, not really.

  2. The links are the best part. Although you really missed on Pat White oogling her.

  3. Also, for full disclosure, the TIPSAY photo is an Obamicon'd photograph of Mr. Mallet's Mugshot.

    /The More You Know'd