Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Morning S--t Storm

Well this happened

(well played Japan)

Obviously this is great, however it begs the question. What other sporting events could we pit professionals and 100 kids against each other?

You would think football, and I'd agree with you, but this is what I'm thinking. We have 100 kids in a skate park trying to skate(all at the same time) against Tony Hawk.

It would be a confined park for comedic purposes, but I just really want to see him plow through 100 kids then do a 900 then do some ollie of their head. That would be fun right?

Shit storm begin


  1. Trap shooting.

    Have a few pro shooters take out a bunch of targets, then have 100 kids essentially putting up anti-aircraft fire to take out a bunch of targets.