Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Morning Shit Storm

Over the weekend, several of the GRH Faithful convened in Alton, Illinois for mild debauchery and much rain dancing. While there, we adopted two young men who were canoeing down the length of the Mighty Mississippi River. Naturally, their tales of adventure was well received by we men of fortune. Going out on the river, living off the land and kindness of strangers and being men under the sun intrigued us greatly.

Then we drank a bunch of jello shots with them and they turned out to be chill guys.

You can follow their exploits here, but this leads the Hobbertariat to a greater query, aptly in time for the MMSS: Of any manly bucket list feat of masculine prowess one could reasonable accomplish, what would you do and why?

For example, Icehouse once rode a bicycle from Houston to Austin for charity. Hear hear, mighty Icehouse! However, if you've already done some great feat of note, understand it must come with a suggestion for something you'd like to do to. We require this as a toll for your braggardness, though we would enjoy hearing the tale.

I want to backpack through Europe. Literally, one backpack with my necessities, phone and credit card only for life-threatening emergencies, a set amount of cash (with an understanding that I may have to work or barter some of my belongings for more currency later), and the boots on my feet. I got a taste of it in high school, traveling from Paris to Rome, through Nice and Florence, but it was well-organized, comfortable, and I was in high school and was therefore retarded. I want to see it as a man.

Hobbers: Manly voyage, undertaking, or whatever. Commence.


  1. I've ridden a bike from Houston to Austin thrice.

    I'd like to hike the Inca trail.

  2. I want to build my own guitar. I've always had that dream. Nick Offerman, aka Ron Swanson, is an accomplished wood worker, making canoes and tables and such. Carpentry and woodworking is inherently ubermasculine. Here is a link to his website, and here is a link to his numerous faces. And here is something else.

  3. I would like to summit K2, or hike the entire Appalachian Trail. Going to space would be pretty damn badass as well.

  4. just saw the "reasonably accomplish part" my b. Apparently a couple of guides can get you to the top of Everest without *too much* experience so that would have to be it, or the Appalachian trail again