Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday Morning S--t Storm

The 4th of July? On a Monday?

Why it's a GRH MIRACLE!!!

I love the 4th so much. I recently interacted with some Brits in the past several weeks. Long story short we got to explaining cultural differences, and the 4th came up. After explaining that we have a holiday celebrating the giant middle finger we gave to their country, I explained that the 4th was Food, Beer, and Explosions.

I live in a pussy firework state that only sells pussy fireworks. To be honest with you it's not even worth shooting the bullshit they sell. So I have to relive my youth through watching youtube videos of people being awesome with fireworks.

The shit storm is to send us awesome firework videos from youtube or something captured on your own.




  2. We're in a burn ban because of a catastrophic drought. Still bought some, but it was kind of lame.