Tuesday, October 30, 2007

1 reason to watch Hockey (on that rare tuesday/wednesday football isnt on)

“dude hockey is gay… they’re Canadian…I don’t understand it” in the words of Eli FUCK YOU. I honestly don’t really like the NBA. I’ve been to many grizzly games and consider myself a part of “Griz nation” that extends all the way to Collierville, but I’m a griz fan in the same way that Randy Quaid was a fan of the Cleveland Indians…still resentful of no basketball in St. Louis. So what did I watch during the winter…College basketball.

But seriously prior to the strike I watched hockey. Why? TONY FUCKING TWIST say what you want about the Blues but we always had hardasses like the “Twister” the best times of my life(doing homework during winter) were spent watching Tony Twist and Kelly Chase on the same line ending fights that Tyson Nash had started. Look at the video the guy fucking studies his opponents not to score goals, but to beat the everliving shit out of them and destroy opposing teams morale. How can you not appreciate a sport where there is a specific role on a team for a guy who can go roadhouse on some dudes face. Tony Twist is the only reason I watched and still view hockey. **Twister Update** He now owns a cigar shop on the southside of St. Louis

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