Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Night Lights gets a touch of class

Guys, meet this asshole:

Yeah, that's right. Yours truly, El Jefe Gringo himself, filmed an episode of Friday Night Lights on Wednesday. It was some of the toughest acting I've ever done. I had to sneer at the other team for like, an hour. Then there was a fight scene where a coach has to hold me back. Then there's a scene where I'm in the background in pads during a football practice. Pretty sweet.

Here's the deal. I showed up at 9 a.m. They fed me breakfast, outfitted me in some gear that said "Larribee Athletics." I made sure I got a sleeveless shirt to show off the guns. We filmed a scene or two, then they fed us lunch. Then we went and did another scene or two, then we went home. Easy $75. Money for nothin and chicks for free.

Some observations/anecdotes.
In one scene, we were in the weight room. The weight room is filled with fake, plastic plates, resembling real ones. Needless to say, me and some other guys found this to be pretty funny. In one instance, we're throwing "45 lb" plates like frisbees. In another, it seems as though we are military pressing upwards of 400 lbs. Some of these scenes will probably be edited out because of our jackassery.

Del Valle, Texas smells like cat food and paint, and English is not the first language there.

Surprisingly cool guy I met: Riggins. The guy that plays Riggins. He was actually pretty cool for a guy with well-conditioned shoulder-length hair. He thought it was pretty funny that I noticed his work in Snakes On A Plane. He also found humorous the fact that Joey G. Daly IV took Riggins' line "Texas forever" and added "Mississippi for now." He ended up inviting some of us out to play football on Saturday.

Tyra is that hot in real life. She is a walking erection manufacturer.

Guy that I met that is not cool: Some fuckbag that plays a new character named Santiago. Every time he walked into a room, he started quoting Terrence and Phillip from South Park. Hey asslicker, 1997 called, they said it wasn't funny then and it's not funny now, numbnuts.

The guy that plays Coach Taylor is pretty funny off screen.

The coolest people around that set, far and away, are the stuntmen that do the football scenes. They're all former players for pretty big universities, all pretty humble, and just get paid to film football scenes for tv and movies. They just run plays and intentionally miss tackles or lay people out, etc. In one scene, where we're stretching before a practice, one of the actors (leading the stretching) said, "Ok guys, warrior one position" and did some Yoga move. This prompted on of the stuntmen to ask the entire cast, crew, etc., "What the Fuck are you doing?"

God willing, I will be back on the show, and eventually launch my long and illustrious acting career.

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  1. Pete you are a no talent asshole that doesn't pay gas money for picking you up in Little Rock. Not only eat my food and sleep in my house. Pete....I'm not made of money and I'm cheap on friends.