Monday, August 29, 2011

Hey What's Up

Hey What's Up? I'm NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. You know the guy who fines everyone single handedly saved the NFL lockout using his charm and whit.

Anyway, I know the fans still have some lingering disgust towards the league because of the lockout. Which is why I'm going on a grassroots campaign and encourage individuals to hold football parties, visit your favorite bar, buy official gear at the NFL teamshop, and to play fantasy football.

GRH has set up its own little league, so I'm here to give you a couple tips.

-Tom Brady=Championship. I'll make damn sure of that.
-Same goes for Pey Pey
-Obviously Terrell Pryor is out 5 games because you know, I can
-Kenny Britt however, is a great late round pick!
-Be wary of the Steelers D with all the fines and what not
-Generally favor any Large market or national appeal team.

If you follow these rules I feel like you have a good chance to win. I've won my league every year I've been commissioner, because you know, I can.

So your instructions for The Ghost of Roy Hobbs league. Go to Yahoo (Yahoo? oh what the fuck lattimer) Go to yahoo and create a profile. Then go to fantasy sports/fantasy football. Ask to join a private league.

League ID= 677531
Password= grh

have fun! while it lasts because someday the NFL will own all rights to this and you'll have to pay a $30 tribute to the all mighty Roger just for the right to play.

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